Ultrafiltration equipment

Ultrafiltration equipment

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Ultrafiltration with polymer, asymmetric translucent made by special technology is a hollow fiber membrane, hollow tubular water under pressure through the hollow tube flow, water molecules and water molecules through the membrane into the liquid through the rest of the material, is to become pus liquid is discharged.

The main production specifications 0.5m3/H jade, 100m3/H, to meet the needs of different users.

The coil type ultra filter has:

The membrane area is large;

Compact structure of the organ;

Installation and maintenance are simple;

Less land occupation;

Compared with other ultrafiltration devices, the advantages of low energy consumption;

But the tubular UF has higher pretreatment requirements.

As the United States Hyde (HYDRANAUTICS) and Oswald Moniz company (GEWATER-OSMONICS) certified qualified original membrane separation equipment manufacturers (OEM) and the central region of the sole agent company of membrane components, committed to things roll type ultrafiltration membrane to promote and provide spiral-wound ultrafiltration system with high performance.