EDI pure water equipment

EDI pure water equipment

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The working principle of EDI

To die is the first ion filling resin in mould in the heap to raw water adsorption desalination reactor DC electrode to die ends inside the stack have a potential difference, which prompted the cationic move to the cathode, anion moved to the anode, anion and cation concentration chamber of light water chamber finally enters the water resistivity increases to a certain limit the water molecules, generating H+ and OH- ionization dispersion, to keep the indoor often in freshwater resin regeneration, continuous desalting.

The characteristics of EDI

1, high desalination rate

2, water utilization rate is as high as 95%

3. Resin without acid and alkali regeneration

4, convenient operation, operation and maintenance

5, depending on the production of water requirements, modules can continue to accumulate, in order to adapt to the greater water yield requirements

6, flow range from 1 to 450m3/h

7, low operating cost, less energy consumption, 3.8m3/h of each production water, power consumption IKW