Softening water equipment

Softening water equipment

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Fully automatic softening water equipment is designed by our experienced engineers, combined with the most advanced soft water technology, the use of advanced controllers and excellent resin products assembled from the high efficiency and energy saving products. This product is more suitable for the water quality in all parts of the country, and is an ideal product for industrial and daily life softening water treatment.

The working principle of

The product is strongly acidic styrene type sodium resin (NaR) to replace the hardness components Ca2+ and Mg2+ in raw water, so that the raw water is softened, and the reaction is: 2NaR+Ca2+ (Mg2+) =R2Ca (Mg) +2Na+. When the resin is replaced by a certain amount of calcium and magnesium, it will lose the ability to replace; can be soaked in a certain concentration of salt water, so that it can restore the exchange capacity, the reaction is: R2Ca (Mg) +2Na+=2NaR+Ca2+ (Mg2+). The regeneration process includes: backwashing (loose resin layer) - salt absorption slow washing (replacement process) - positive washing (washing out calcium and magnesium ions) - water injection (for next regeneration).

Product characteristic

This high degree of automation, automatic water softener equipment according to a preset program, automatic softening regeneration cycle. Daily operation except salt, no manual operation.

It covers an area of small, compact structure, small and light.

After the strong corrosion resistance, the use of glass steel and engineering plastic or stainless steel, can avoid the regeneration of equipment.

No reliable performance, stable water quality.

This selection is flexible, can choose according to a single tank and double tank, tank system; time flow control; at the same time, regeneration, regeneration alternate operation mode.

The technical index

When the raw water hardness is less than or equal to 8mmol/L (two for high hardness water)

After the water hardness is less than or equal to 0.03mmol/L

After the power supply: 220 + 10%, 50Hz

When water pressure: 0.2~0.6Mpa

When environment temperature: 5~50 degrees

After the installation conditions: no single equipment, cement floor can be generally flat, equipment around the drainage ditch.

The other explanation

No single tank regeneration system, stop the water for 1 hours.

This time control type is applied to water flow stable situation; flow control for water flow instability.

Don't you equipment for a long time, use saline soak resin 5%, resin to prevent mildew.

The scope of application

When the boiler (steam, hot water), heat exchanger, central air conditioning (prevention of fouling)

When the circulating cooling water system (prevention of fouling of cooling tower)

After washing water (save detergent, increase the cleanliness)

After the food, beverage, wine, medicine (quality improvement)

When printing and dyeing (to improve water quality, improve the quality of dyeing)