Equipment for removing iron and manganese

Equipment for removing iron and manganese

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Excessive iron and manganese in water can not only harm people's health, but also bring great harm to industrial production. Such as textile, papermaking, printing and dyeing, titanium dioxide and film industry, in terms of iron manganese high water for washing water, or in the production process to raw material, products will reduce the influence of white and shiny, bright colors, but also affect the further operation of production equipment; food and brewing industry if containing iron and manganese high water as raw materials, it will seriously affect the product's color, flavor and taste; with the water in the boiler, iron is one of the components of incrustant and mud pipe; water circulating cooling, iron and manganese deposits will be attached to the heat exchangers and pipe wall, the heat transfer effect is influenced, and some will cause iron bacteria and accelerate the corrosion of metal, and the pipeline is blocked; in industrial electrolytic water, iron and manganese will be deposited on the electrode and reduce the conductive efficiency.

The water treatment process of iron and manganese is as follows: firstly, iron and manganese water is oxidized to oxidize iron and manganese into insoluble high valent iron and manganese

3MnO2+2KmnO4+2H2O = 5MnO22K4H

After the oxidation of the water into the silica alumina filter media filter removal of iron and manganese, after a period of time after filtration adsorption, the use of raw water backwash can make the filter material recovery as before. The filter material will not harden as the manganese sand, and the service life is more than 15 years.

For our company in addition to iron and manganese silicon aluminum salt material density is only 1.1 tons / cubic meters, it has high ion exchange capacity, simple operation, no hardening, no exceed the standard dissolution material, low running cost, long service life of over 15 years. It is the most effective, economical and safest filter for removing iron, manganese and manganese. Recycled raw water can be washed back. Manganese sand filter iron density up to 2.2 tons / cubic meters, the need to configure the compressed air and two times water flow mixed scrub, such as backwash is not completely prone to hardening phenomenon, when hardening phenomenon occurs, the artificial sand processing. The life of manganese sand is very low, manganese dioxide content as high as 35% of manganese sand can only be used for 2-3 years, frequent replacement, late use of high cost.