Fluoride removal equipment

Fluoride removal equipment

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Excessive fluoride content is harmful to the health of teeth, but excessive fluoride poisoning

Fluorosis is a chronic, systemic disease, but the main symptom of fluorosis is dental fluorosis and skeletal fluorosis, dental fluorosis and rough surface, coloring, defect, and easy to fall off. The comparison is severely fluoride, mainly for osteoporosis, degeneration, prone to fracture. The fluorine can also be deposited in the joint in the cause of bone hyperplasia, ossification of ligament, resulting in thinning. Cu, stiff joints, finally causing disability and paralysis.

In addition, fluoride can suppress the human adrenal gland, genital gland, thyroid, pancreas, and damage to the digestive system, the cardiovascular system, will lead to the loss of labor residents in high fluoride areas of severe fluorosis. Drinking high fluorine water is the main reason of the destruction of bone and teeth, fluorosis is a serious harm to people's health. Disease.

The introduction of special aluminum fluoride silicate salt

New high fluorine silicon aluminum salt fluoride materials have made several breakthroughs on the basis of conventional materials, fluoride removal capacity increased significantly, far more than conventional materials; regeneration has good repeatability; at the same time, innovative improvements make the filter can also use various regeneration methods, and between various regeneration method to present a flexible switch. The defluoridation material in Hebei, Shandong, Shanxi, Anhui, Inner Mongolia and other places of application reflects the remarkable effect of fluoride removal and obtain good economic benefits, social benefits, and the products are exported to foreign countries, has been recognized by foreign counterparts. Identified by the authority, fluorine all currently on the market performance is better than conventional materials except this material, regardless of the effect or the price has reached the domestic first-class, international advanced level.

(1) physical and chemical indexes

Ingredients: natural mineral

Form: solid particles

Color: gray

Solubility: insoluble in water

Bulk density: 1.33 g/ml

Specification: 0.5mm~1.5mm

(2) toxicological indexes

Toxic: non-toxic

Skin contact: no irritation to the skin

Eye contact: non irritating to the eyes

(3) surface micro morphology

Electron scanning electron microscope observation of fluoride and silica alumina filter material is shown in figure 2. Can be seen in the figure, the filter surface is smooth, porous structure with irregular surface distribution, with microporous and mesoporous structure, distributed around a few large pore structure, pore structure of this complex was used as the materials for various adsorption conditions provided, is in addition to the high capacity of fluorine based structure. The microporous structure of zeolite surface mainly with uniform characteristics, will produce the effect of super pore, with special molecular structure and the formation of large electrostatic attraction, therefore zeolite mainly depends on the surface of the larger specific surface area. The surface of activated alumina is mainly porous structure. Because of the low mass transfer coefficient of fluorine ions in macropores, the contribution of fluoride to fluoride removal is small. It can be seen that the surface structure of fluoride and silicon aluminum salt is better than that of the two, which is beneficial to improve t(four) the mechanism of fluoride removal

(4) the mechanism of fluoride removal

High fluorine and fluorine removal of silicon and aluminum salt after contact surface of filter adsorption filtration and ion exchange double reaction, fluoride ion in water adsorbed on the filter material and the fluorine ion and OH- ion exchange filter surface, realize the fluoride removal by physical and chemical reactions of double.

(5) fluoride removal capacity

The fluoride removal capacity of fluoride aluminum silicate salt is about 1-4 mg/g, which exceeds the current conventional filter media. The capacity of fluoride removal varies with the concentration of fluoride in raw water, the local water quality and water temperature.

(6) performance comparison of common fluoride removal filter materials

Fluorine silicon aluminum salt filter media and traditional media under the same conditions, comparison of fluoridated water treatment volume. The test used for groundwater containing fluoride in fluorosis area, can reflect the performance of the equipment during the actual operation, to avoid running test results and field equipment does not match the situation. The performance of silica alumina filter is superior to that of conventional filter media. Fluorine silicon aluminum salt filter treatment of fluorine-containing water volume is 1.57-1.69 times that of activated alumina, activated zeolite 11.7-12.9 times.

(7) technological advantages

The defluoridation capacity is high, the filling amount is far less than that of activated alumina filter with zeolite molecular sieve, can achieve the same effect of fluoride removal, saving equipment investment cost.

The contact time is short, compared to the traditional filter material can greatly reduce the volume of equipment.

The high safety during use without any toxic and harmful substances dissolved.

The fluoride removal efficiency is high, the use of the fluorine ions can be removed completely. Therefore, the method of mixing raw water with treated water can be adopted to further protect the filter material to prolong the service life and reduce the operation cost.

The quality of adaptability, in bad water conditions, defluorination capacity can keep high.

The low regeneration cost, many regeneration methods can realize the seamless switching, according to local conditions, flexible, simple and easy.