Coal mine water purification equipment without electricity

Coal mine water purification equipment without electricity

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With the continuous development of mining machinery and equipment, the degree of automation of coal mining machinery is also constantly improving. Underground mechanized coal mining equipment plays a more and more important role in the production of coal mine. In a large number of water used as working medium or cooling medium system, the quality and composition of water quality has a great impact on the normal operation and service life of underground machinery and equipment.

Most of mine groundwater and tap water on the ground are not up to the standard of qualified equipment underground water, water quality is relatively poor. Under such conditions, the hydraulic components of coal mining equipment, especially the cooling system, hydraulic support valve group, Jack, column and other hydraulic components are greatly increased due to the water quality. The maintenance cycle and service life of the equipment are shortened, and even can not be used normally. This not only increases the equipment maintenance and maintenance workload, followed by equipment maintenance accessories investment increases, eventually leading to the increase of coal mining cost.

I company according to the actual requirements of underground water, according to the system reliable and economical operation principle, to "coal mine safety regulations" as the relevant design standards and norms, combined with our many years of production experience, to mine water as the raw water supply network design. The multi stage pretreatment and single stage NF water treatment process without electricity can meet the requirements of water quality for underground water and meet the requirements of explosion protection for underground equipment.

Mine well water treatment equipment can be safely used in coal mine, with the following characteristics:

(1) devices adopt blocking structure, assembly and disassembly. The connection of each pipeline adopts quick joint, which is convenient and quick to assemble and disassemble. A removable flat plate vehicle is adopted, which is mobile. The equipment is arranged in parallel on the mine flat car, and the structure is compact, which can better adapt to the various working conditions of the underground coal mine.

(2) of the product operation and other operations are without electricity, can better adapt to the requirements of more perfect explosion-proof condition.

(3) this product has good adaptation to stress performance, suitable for different raw water pressure range (1-3.5Mpa).

(4) can be adjusted according to the user's requirements on water quality, taking into account the user for the reasonable demand and to ensure the service life of the equipment of water quality, to meet the needs of users.

(5) of the product with stable performance, easy maintenance.

(6) of the filter membrane backwash maintenance can be in situ at the work site, the operation is simple and convenient maintenance.

(7) of the product inside the connecting pipe made of 304 stainless steel pipe or stainless steel hose, high pressure hose connecting pipe workshop using special stainless steel joints, improve equipment resistance and corrosion resistance.

First, equipment technical requirements

1, water quality

Water supply requirements for deep well water or tap water. Not allowed to enter the mine sewage, or other sewage into the equipment.

2, the water requirement of

Hardness is less than mg/L less than or equal to 2000

Chlorine ion content is less than or equal to 1500mg/L

Root sulfate ion content is less than or equal to 1000mg/L

3, the water quality

Quality appearance colorless, no smell, no suspension and mechanical impurities

Hardness is less than 100 mg/L

The 50mg/L content is less than chloride

50mg/L sulfate ion content.

, 4 water quality standards

Water production line with better than the standard of MT76-2002

Two, external coordination conditions

1, inlet pipe diameter: determine the actual size according to the amount of water

2, water flow calculation according to customer requirements

3, water pressure: 2-3.5MPa

4, pipe diameter: the actual size is determined according to the water production

5, wastewater: with waste water conditions

6, compressed air source: 0.6-0.8MPa

Five coal mine electric soft water equipment

Six. Reverse osmosis equipment

The working principle of

A natural flow of water through the membrane into a solution or from one solution to another solution called penetration. Reverse osmosis is in the concentrated solution side with natural osmotic pressure higher pressure, reversing the natural penetration direction, just the normal infiltration process and the nature of the contrary, known as reverse osmosis, this special semipermeable membrane called reverse osmosis membrane.

Brief introduction of Technology

Reverse osmosis technology is the most advanced and the most energy-efficient membrane separation technology. The principle is in the higher osmotic pressure of the solution under the action of the basis of other substances not through a semipermeable membrane and these substances and water separation. As the membrane diameter of reverse osmosis membrane is very small (only about 10A), it can effectively remove dissolved salts, colloids, microorganisms and organic matter in water (removal rate up to 97 - 98%). The system has the advantages of good water quality, low energy consumption, no pollution, simple process, simple operation and so on. The company and Japan HYDRANAUTICS (Hyde) ensequence American company and Dow FILMTEC company, using CAD computer simulation design, to ensure that the system is scientific and reasonable.