White-collar health: OL most need 4 kinds of water would you really drink some water?


In daily life, you may have to eat a meal, but not to drink a glass of water very special attention. Most people think that drinking is a simple thing, picked up the cup "glug a glass of water down" not finished? Actually, drink water of knowledge is far more than these. Drink the amount of time, how much, will be a significant impact on health. Recently, the United States "present the clinic net" have written, jie ¶ in 11 drink dirty little secret.

Feeling ð: drink more water. Feeling ð when drinking more water or fruit juice, is very helpful for disease rehabilitation, because help to wash away the airway mucus, let a person feel relaxed breathing. In addition, if you have a fever, the body of self-protection function response to cool itself, then there will be sweating, shortness of breath and evaporation of moisture in skin metabolism to speed up performance, a large number of moisture replenishment is needed. Drink more water not only make sweat and urine, and is beneficial to thermoregulation, prompting bacteria quickly discharge in the body.

Constipation: gulp of water. The causes of constipation simply speaking there are two: one is the body have waste, a lack of moisture. The second is the intestinal organs such as u have the discharge power. Exhaled drink, swallow faster, so that water can reach as soon as possible, to stimulate peristalsis, promoting defecation. Medical liang-duo jiang, a professor at Beijing university of Chinese medicine dongzhimen hospital, told reporters that the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine believes that one of the reasons for constipation, is the lack of body fluid in human body, mouth water can quickly replenish fluid effect, to stimulate peristalsis, promoting defecation. Shanghai east China hospital nutrition director nutritionist Chen Xiafei advice, constipation in water of dietary fiber supplement the effect is much better at the same time, so it's best to drink a cup of high-fiber vegetable juice y day.

Obesity: before a meal drink a glass of water after meal. Many chemical reactions in the body, will be made in the "water". With enough water, normal operation to ensure that the body's metabolism. For obese people, can be in half an hour before meals to drink a glass of water, add fullness; Half an hour after a meal, then drink a glass of water, strengthen the digestive function of the body, helping to keep figure.

Vomiting: drink weak brine. Vomiting is the body after eating unclean food, ego to protect a kind of expression. To avoid severe vomiting or diarrhea caused by dehydration, can drink weak brine to supplement energy appropriately, ease the weak state.

Detoxifying: a glass of water in the early morning. Many people know that the morning drink a glass of water is good for your health. The body after a night of metabolism, garbage needs the help of external forces in the body to discharge, water is the best "cleaner". Like a dry sponge, at this time of the cells will capture drink into the water, and is discharged at about 40 minutes. This is an important process of detoxification. Weak brine, honey water, water is very suitable for drink in the morning. Liang-duo jiang reminded, in the morning don't drink the water too cold or too hot, temperature about 40 degrees Celsius as appropriate.

Be agitated, drink water more. Endorphins produced in the brain known as the "happy hormone", the adrenaline is often referred to as "pain hormone. When a person pain be agitated, epinephrine (adrenaline) starts pumping, but it like other poisons can also be out of the body, one way is to drink more water. If auxiliary physical labor, the adrenaline discharge with sweat, or tears, it will discharge with tears.


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