Do healthy water beauty Remember to drink water right schedule


Now workers often neglected because the working relationship between drinking water, if you want to do a beauty must pay attention to drink water time and the amount of water, a moderate amount of water consumption is the key to weight loss, to introduce the water right schedule today.


After a night's sleep, the body began to water, get up to drink a cup of water of 250 cc, can help the kidneys and liver detoxification. Don't eat breakfast soon, waiting for half an hour to let water into y cells, metabolism, after eating again! (very important! The body drain on it!)


From the morning to the office, the process of the compact time is special, mood more tense, also the body virtually will be dehydrated, so in the office, don't hurry to make coffee, give yourself a cup of water for at least 250 cc!


Work after a period of time in air conditioning room, must take advantage of the up move, give yourself a day of the third glass of water, added loss of moisture, help relax tense mood work!


Finished lunch after half an hour, drink some water, replace let? Artificial drinks to get fat, can strengthen the digestive function of the body, not only is good for your health, can also help you maintain figure.


For a cup of healthy mineral water instead of afternoon tea, coffee and other pick-me-up! Drink a large glass of water, in addition to supplement the moisture in air conditioning room, can also help the head clear.


Before leaving the office after work to drink a glass of water. Want to use water weight loss, can drink a few cups, increase satiety, will eat dinner, natural not overeating.


One and half an hour before sleeping to drink a glass of water, a goal! Today has 2000 cc water intake. But don't drank too much, so as not to have to go to the bathroom at night affect morpheus quality.

Drink water beauty time

Drink water after meals

Doctors suggest half an hour after a meal to drink water more appropriate, but modern people used to drink bottled drinks, don't like to drink plain boiled water, actually y meal after dinner drink cans, also can add a day need about half of the water, however, drink cans to also want to choose carefully, of which sports drinks or vegetable juice is best, because vegetable &fruit juices can be added a variety of nutrients, and sports drinks have just the right amount of electrolyte, and the human body osmotic pressure, is easy to be absorbed than water, Light sports drinks, appeared on the market recently for sedentary office worker, is a supplement of water and electrolyte is quite good for choice.

Get a glass of water

Early in the morning is moisture, the best time of the day, because the morning drink can make intestinal theta wake up immediately, stimulate peristalsis, prevent constipation, and, more importantly, after a long sleep, higher blood concentration, this time added moisture, can quickly lower blood concentration, promote circulation, make people refreshed, recovering.

A glass of water before sleep

The body naturally sweating when sleep, in imperceptible in lost moisture and salt, and eight hours of sleep, the body can supplement moisture, that is why o the morning feel thirsty. So the doctor suggested that half an hour before bed to replenish water, electrolyte in advance, let the body during sleep can still maintain a balanced state, at the same time also can reduce the concentration of urine, prevent stones.

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