Long-term drinking water will also increase the loss of calcium


Drinking water health tips:

People who want to lose weight: 20 minutes before meals to drink two cups of water, can make the feeling full theta, nature can reduce appetite, it is free of charge method reducing weight. At least can save a lot of to buy medicine reducing weight of overhead, still can eat less a pile of junk food, avoid JiShi.

People who want to quit smoking: smoking one, can lose, drink a large glass of water can hold out eliminate fire, it is said that effect can reach more than ninety percent. If you must know is a drug addict, a craving when there is often a thirsty, next time don't smoke, drink lots of water.

Good drink when thirsty, water also killed the cat

The fast pace of life we often ignore the basic needs of the body, such as drinking a lot of people are often occurred to wait until thirsty to drink water.

In fact, the substance in the body is 75% water, when 2% of the water loss of body weight, would feel thirsty, that is to say: when you feel thirsty, your body has been in a state of chronic water shortage.

There are more and more people only stressed water quench thirst, and ignored the nutritional effects of water. We provide loads of nutrients needed for the body only through the role of the dilution and circulating water can participate in metabolism, absorbed by the body. In addition, the lack of water will increase the viscosity of blood for a long time, cause the nervous system and cardiovascular disease.

Distilled water, unfavorable drink for a long time

Many people believe that the pure water, the better, to pure and pure drinking water, at capital leave no room for manoeuvre, spend a few dollars a bucket of water feel very value.

Nutritionists said: natural water after distillation, filter processing, in removing the impurities, bacteria and other harmful substances at the same time, will also take useful trace elements in the human body, long-term consumption of such water can reduce the body immunity.

At the same time, because the body's fluid is alkalescence, and purified water in weak acid, if long-term consumption of weak acidic water, the body environment will be destroyed, easy to cause disease.

Long-term drinking water will also increase the loss of calcium.

Nutritionists said: drink pure water for a long time can cause the body nutritional and metabolic disorders. The right choice is pure water and mineral water drinking alternately.

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