Water science 7 habit let you die


1, the tap water to boil is to drink

Drink plain boiled water is a good habit, but you know what? Not a boil water to drink. Because our tap water after chlorination, chlorine and organic combination of residue in water, can produce a plus or minus hydrocarbon generation, chloroform and other carcinogenic compounds.

When boiling water, might as well take three steps: first place after the tap water up to a moment longer burn; The water quick opening opened the lid. The water boiled and, finally, wait 3 minutes down again, can make the chlorine content in the water drinking down to safety standards, is the real "boiled water".

2, love to drink bottled water

Easy to carry, can open drink, in China, bottled water consumption is in y year growth rate is 30%.

Bottled water used in polyester bottles often contains substances, which may cause chronic poisoning the human body, especially when the bottle is in the high temperature environment, or open after u drink in time, will penetrate into the water, harmful substances Σ harm to health.

Therefore, bottled water must not be heated or exposure. "A lot of people like to put a tank of water in the car, this is not correct. Especially in the summer, trunk temperature is very high, easy to harmful substances into the water.

Buy a good quality is the best way to bring your own water kettle, safety and environmental protection.

3, never wash water machine

Bottled water and water machine whether at home or office, public places are very common, u have thought of, you have to use the water cooler since there is no longer u "bathed

Water dispenser seem to drink good quality water, but it is "secondary pollution" is very serious. Y when open the water dispenser tap, hear the sound of the "guru", bucket dig out a string of bubbles, this is the air into the, will be brought into the dust and microorganism

Data show that bottled water dispenser in the hot and cold water bile 3 months not to wash will multiply bacteria, such as e. coli, staphylococcus aureus, etc.

So, it is better to clean, once a month two Zhou Qingjie once in summer. The office water cooler because of frequent use, more frequently.

4, drink boiling water.

Use electric kettle family now more and more, a lot of people burn a drink not over water, repeat again bring to a boil in a moment. The thousand boiling water had better not drink it.

Drink water to boil when time as far as possible, don't again and again. Many people fear the water in the water dispenser is thousand water, due to the material limit, water dispenser water generally is ninety degrees Celsius, the highest temperature reach boiling state, not thousands of boiling water.

5, not thirsty to drink water

Data show that seven adults are found thirsty to drink fluids. But when you feel thirsty, your body has lost at least 1% of the water.

Drink water not to quench thirst, but let it involved in metabolism, absorbed by the body, the lack of water will increase the viscosity of blood for a long time, cause disease of heart head blood-vessel. At the same time, do not pay attention to drink water more, drink water desire will be lower, people will become more and more "dry".

So, whatever you thirst thirst not filling water in a timely manner. Hand to bring a bottle of water, while going out to have a drink at any time; Office or home put on a few more cups, and have the opportunity to drink.

6, 6 glasses of water to drink enough y day

Gens going to work is often neglected because of work relationship of water and the long, bladder, and kidney damage.

Under the condition of moderate climate, light physical activity of life of adults, suggested y day at least 1200 ml water, about 6 cups. If the activity is big, sweating more, then the corresponding increase of drinking water, filling water in a timely manner.

Until someone will ask, said y day drink water not less than 2000 ml, that is, eight glasses of water, why o now only 1200 ml?

In fact, the 2000 ml refers to people need amount of water a day, in the fruit and vegetable contain a large number of moisture, even have a staple food, meat, the human body needs water, a large part of from the food.

6 cups is a minimum standard of quantity, while others need to drink more. Such as people have been drinking more water can ease the mood of anxiety, obese people drink more water to keep the weight, after exercise, and after a bath to keep hydrated.

7, according to the constitution to drink water, drink water

U surrounded the plain boiled water, drink or not. Many day cola, fruit surrounded y hand, with a drink of water, is to spend money to buy the body disease.

Drink not only not to body hydrating effect, will also reduce appetite, affect the digestion and absorption. If you must drink the water with zeta son, also should according to their own health, appropriate improvement.

Such as constipation people can drink honey water or fruit juice, can promote intestinal peristalsis; Cold and theta people should drink less sex cold green tea, herbal tea, fruit juice, drink more warm black tea, ginger syrup of theta.

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